Problem Solving Skills Training

Recurring problems—whether it’s a failure to meet customer expectations, technical issues, or a failure to meet targets—indicates ineffective problem solving.


Problem Solving Skills training is a step-by-step systematic approach to effectively prevent issues from recurring. Steps include:


  • Defining the problem
  • Identifying the root cause identification
  • Analysis
  • Interim corrections
  • Corrective action to eliminate root cause to prevent recurrence of the problem.


This process of scientifically based problem solving utilizes QC tools such as The Five Whys, Pareto charts, and fish bone diagrams that blend the Eight Disciplines (8D) with Japanese QC story concepts.


Problem solving activities conclude with standardization, documentation, and answering customer or auditor nonconformance reports to prevent recurrence.


Why It Is Needed

Customer complaints, quality problems, and human errors need prompt efforts to solve the problem at hand and to prevent recurrence.



Problem solving skills training enhances the participant’s competence in effectively solving manufacturing problems effectively to prevent recurrence and how to answer customer corrective action request. The training also teaches participant how to plan interim correction and how to identify root cause.


Takeaway Values:

  • Identifying root cause and solve problem effectively thru systematic approach.
  • Problem solving template in Excel.