Material Cost Reduction Training


Cost Reduction & Process Cost Visualization Tools: MFCA Workshop

Material Flow Cost Accounting (MFCA) is a relatively new green productivity tool that enhances a company’s financial competitiveness and environmental performance. The solution, a new Kaizen approach, is intended to reconstruct the cost accounting system from an environmental point of view, covering the product costs as a whole. Specifically, it evaluates both a product and its wastes in an equivalent manner and calculates their costs in volume and monetary terms.


In Japan, the MFCA has already been introduced to over 300 companies, showing success in cost reduction and higher environmental performance. It was published as international standard ISO 14051:2011 to supplement continual improvements for ISO 14001.


Why It Is Needed

If you wish to reduce costs but have no idea where to start, MFCA is the answer to all your doubts. It is user friendly and provides a clear picture on where to start and how much potential savings you can expect in a relative short period of time.



This course gives participants the practical steps on how to determine costs for selected products, including positive and negative (wastage) cost using MFCA. Practical workshops and group exercises provide hands-on opportunity to re-construct a MFCA model at their workplace. Upon completion, a complete MFCA model will ultimately lead to reduced waste, a more efficient organizational environment, and improved corporate social responsibility by a more effective use of resources.


Takeaway Values:

  • Visualize costs throughout process and build your own MFCA model.
  • MFCA calculation template.
  • MFCA opportunities for improvement form.