Kaizen Blitz Training

The effective and efficient use of resources remains a key aspect of a successful business and is dependent on identifying waste (known as muda in Japanese) in your processes and procedures and taking the steps necessary to reduce or eliminate it. Kaizen Blitz is the fast track of traditional Kaizen waste reduction and also serves as a plug in that integrates into the organization’s management system such as ISO 9001, ISO/TS 16949, ISO 22000, etc.


Why It Is Needed

If you are frustrated by your bottom line, want to reduce costs, want to eliminate waste, want to reduce non value-added activities, want to reduce unnecessary extra man power, or want to increase efficiency and maximize resources, Kaizen Blitz is the essential solution.



This course is designed to improve the participants’ ability to reduce costs by identifying a variety of waste/MUDA from all processes and acting on it. Participants will explore all kind of waste that reduces the profit margin of organizations and learn how to create corporate-wide awareness that reducing or eliminating waste is everyone’s responsibility. Participants also learn how to adopt a sustainable Kaizen approach that integrates into the organization’s management system to make cost saving part of the corporate culture.


Takeaway Values:

  • Practical Kaizen skills including MUDA identification and elimination.
  • MUDA opportunity for improvement template.