Internal Quality Auditor Training

Learn how to plan and execute a highly effective audit with valued-added process audit approach.

This is the essential program that applies Deming’s Plan Do Check Action (PDCA) cycle into internal auditing process, making extensive use of case studies to help you fully understand the requirements of auditing to the ISO 9001 standard.

Lecture time is held to a minimum, giving you time to learn and then practice your newly acquired skills in real-life situations to assure that you are prepared to conduct effective audits. 


Why It Is Needed

Internal quality audits are required for ISO 9001 certification, as per clause 8.2.2.

However, most organizations find it challenging to conduct effective internal quality audits because they don’t have a qualified internal auditor. T

his training course is designed to both train a new internal auditor as well as an existing auditor who needs refreshment for their yearly task. 



This course serves to prepare new internal quality auditors and is also refreshment training for an experienced internal auditor.

New internal auditor will learn ISO 9001 requirements, how to establish an audit check sheet, construct audit questions, use the process audit approach, and how to write audit reports.

Auditors who need a refreshment will learn how to prepare value added audit questions, ensure audits find and prevent recurrence of similar nonconformance, and plan and manage internal audits as part of a continuous improvement program for ISO 9001 quality management systems.


Takeaway Values:

  • Plan and execute internal audits.
  • Problem solving template in Excel.