5S Audit Training

Effective implementation of 5S enhances productivity, reduces machine breakdown, etc. However 5S can be difficult to sustain so our two day 5S auditing training program is a must for all organizations serious about sustaining 5S companywide.


Why It Is Needed

The 5S auditor plays an important role in assessing the status of 5S implementation and the sustainability of 5S activities such as 5S competition.



This unique 5S audit training teaches participants how to establish a customizable 5S audit customized for their organization;  identify areas of improvement; plan and conduct an effective 5S audit; follow up and close 5S CAR to prevent recurrence; and use the 5S audit to sustain the organizational 5S program.


Takeaway Values:

  • Learn to plan and execute 5S audit.
  • 5S standard template.
  • 5S audit guide.