What is an ISO certification body?

As previously mentioned, to get ISO 9001 certification you need to contract with an independent company called a certification body that performs inspections and audits. Certification bodies are not a members or employees of the International Organization for Standardization.

Every country appoints a body responsible for controlling the activities of certification body. These bodies ensure the certification body have conformed to ISO/IEC 17021 and act responsibly, consistently, and professionally. They maintain lists of accredited certification bodies and oversee them to make sure they continue to meet standards. In Malaysia that accredited body is called STANDARDS MALAYSIA.

You can choose a certification body that is international or one that only accredited within the country where it is located.

If the certification body selected is accredited by STANDARDS MALAYSIA, your company is entitled to claim a double tax deduction for the expenses incurred for ISO management system certification.

Kindly email us to get STANDARD MALAYSIA’s list of ISO certification bodies.