Kaizen Blitz Implementation

The Japanese word kaizen means improvement while blitz means fast or lightning in German, therefore a kaizen blitz brings a dramatic improvement in a relatively short period of time. A kaizen blitz, usually organized in a week’s time, is where several cross-functional team teams train with the kaizen concept and tools to identify and eliminate waste from all processes. The cross functional team present their results in a daily wrap up meeting. The competitive atmosphere inspires the teams to push themselves to achieve maximum results within a short period of time.

What the Kaizen Blitz Achieves

A Kaizen blitz enhances an organization’s competitiveness in a very short period of time by improving all processes that improve the business’ bottom line by:

  • Reducing inventory.
  • Reducing manpower.
  • Reducing transportation or movement.
  • Improving product quality.
  • Enhancing workers skills.

The most valuable benefit is developing a group of in-house Kaizen practitioners who can implement Kaizen in the company’s daily routine.

Kaizen Management System

To sustain the improvement resulting from the kaizen blitz, a systematic support system should be established to incorporate kaizen culture into the organization’s management system. The Kaizen management system could be independent or could be integrated into an existing management system such as ISO 9001.

If the organization chooses to have an independent Kaizen management system, it should be monitored by a Kaizen steering committee and supported by a training committee, promotion and communication committee, and an administrative committee. The steering committee may select the kaizen team as well as determine the budget requirements and reward the kaizen team’s achievements.

If the organization prefers to have the kaizen activities integrated into their exiting management system such as ISO 9001, it is the responsibility always assign to the management representative to establish kaizen target that fit into the organization quality objectives and report as continuous improvement activities for management review meeting.

Centrex Kaizen Blitz Project

The Centrex Kaizen Blitz project offers a classic blitz project in five days or a customized six month project consisting of coaching and customized kaizen training tools that meets the client’s need. A pre-project visit and management project briefing shall be conducted to understand client requirements. A Centrex consultant will assist the client to establish a kaizen working committee and develop a team of in-house practitioners that establish a kaizen culture that promotes cost savings.