ISO 9001 Implementation

Established by the International Organization for Standardization, ISO 9001 is a standard for the quality management of businesses. The ISO 9000 family of standards was first publish in 1987 and has consistently been ISO’s most popular series, implemented by more than one million companies and organizations in 170 countries. The ISO 9001 certification represents the level of quality achieved by an organization and serves as a fundamental requirement in the world business.

The Value of ISO 9001

Does the implementation and certification of ISO 9001 pay? Various studies have found that ISO 9001 provides direct and positive results for an organization’s financial performance. The potential benefits of an effective ISO 9001 implementation are summarized in the following diagram:

600x300 figure 1

ISO 9001 Certification vs. Compliance

Certification is a written assurance provided by an independent body that assure the management system in question meets the ISO 9001 requirements. If there is no requirement for certification, the organization may alternately choose to declare compliance to ISO 9001 or invite their client to audit the quality management system. But in most cases, certification still the most popular choice to ensure sustainability of ISO 9001 implementation.

Centrex Methodology

 Centrex consultancy offers practical coaching and training methods from industry experts that address the precise needs of your organization. A working committee and project coordinator will be appointed by the organization’s management to initiate the ISO 9001 project. The working committee member will be trained with all ISO 9001 requirements and coached by the consultant to establish a customized quality management system that fulfils both the organization’s and the ISO 9001 standard’s requirements.

Our method is unique from others because we not only focus on compliance but on transforming the ISO 9001 standard into a procedure that benefits and adds value to the organization.

A review session on implemented activities as well newly documented procedures will be held prior the internal audit, which is conducted together with the project consultant. A second party audit by another consultant from Centrex is conducted prior to the third-party certification audit. Upon completion, a Centrex consultant will follow up if there is any non-conformance was identified in the certification audit.